Submission Guidelines

Below are our submission guidelines.
This page will explain what you must include when submitting your proposal to Doppelgänger Publishing.
Read them and just so we’re all on the same page, read ‘em again.
Doppelgänger is interested in seeing work from new and established creators as long as the following guidelines are followed.
Remember, we do not care that your grandmother or aunt or the weird dude with the lazy eye next door thinks you’re talented.  We want to see it on the page!

This agreement protects Doppelgänger from any liabilities involving coincidental similarities to works-in-progress or other submissions.

This form MUST be sent BEFORE we look at any proposals.  Any proposal arriving without first receiving this agreement will be destroyed without review.

IMPORTANT: A new agreement must be submitted with each new proposal and must be signed by all involved creators and copyright holders.

Download a copy of the Submissions Agreement - HERE.

2) As of now Doppelgänger is only interested in graphic novels (not individual issue on-going series).

If that makes you mad, our bad.

If that makes you wonder if you can adapt your proposed on-going series into a long form OGN, think about it and let us know after you’ve read the following below.

3) A PROPOSAL should contain the following:

A cover letter with all contact information (name, e-mail, phone number of the entire creative team) and a synopsis of the ENTIRE story.

We want to see that you’ve not only thought out the really cool opening scene but the rest of the story and how it unfolds and, ultimately, pays off in the end.

And make it good.  If you can’t interest us you probably can’t interest a reader to buy it.  As concisely as you can TELL US THE STORY and explain why we (or anyone else) would be interested in this book.

4)  Send PDF’s of 10 fully finished pages.

That’s right, 10 sequential storytelling pages.   Five sequential pages, some character designs and a few splash pages with character bios that add up to ten pages does not count.

We want ten sequential art pages that are fully inked and lettered.  If you have MORE, all the better!   If you have less stop reading and get back to work!

Why the hard stance?  Because starting a book is easy.  Finishing a book is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, so we want to know you’re able to run this marathon with us.   Our assumption is that if you can’t get us 10 pages you probably can’t finish an entire book.

To be clear, Darren and AJ are not here to work out your story problems.  Doppelgänger is here to do the heavy lifting once you’re done with the story telling.

The important thing here is that we can see that you know what you’re doing.

Again, to recap:  We want ten (10) pages of sequential art that looks amazing.  If you only have five wait till you have ten.  If you only have, like, seven, then you only have like, three more pages to go.  If you’re reading this and saying to yourself, “C’mon guys, we have, like, eight pages ready to go can’t we just send those?”  His answer is: No.

  5)  Do not send scripts or plot outlines without art.  They will be burned and then used for kitty litter.  Do not send just art-work. They too will be burned and then tossed.

Again, we’re looking for FULL PROPOSALS.  That means fully formed pitches (art & story on lettered pages) ready to go.  If you want your book published then your presentation better look like it’s ready to go to print.   If it’s a color book then pages should be colored.   They should also be lettered.  If you can’t manage to make your proposal look 100% professional our assumption is that you’re not ready to see the project thru to completion.

6)  Okay, so why Doppelgänger?  Great question.
We believe in creator-owned books.  We believe the creative team should see profits of their hard work.  And there are a few really good creator owned publishers out there already (we’re looking at you Image and First Second and Drawn & Quarterly).
But here’s a hard fact: Hundreds of creator owned comics are published every month and the vast majority will start and end their lives as a comic book. 
Which is great.  That alone is a huge accomplishment!
But at Doppelgänger we feel that a good story, a really good story, deserves a wider audience.
And the reason most books are unable to make the transition to say TV or film is because most creative teams behind the books simply have no connections to the Hollywood Machine.
Which is why due to our past successes and our long established relationships within the Hollywood community, Doppelgänger is uniquely qualified to help you.
We’ve sold properties to Disney, Universal and WWE studios.  AJ created the OGN TERM LIFE and wrote the screenplay to the feature film staring Vince Vaughn, Hailee Steinfeld, Bill Paxton and Jon Favreau.
AJ also created the series COWBOY NINJA VIKING at Universal Studios which has Chris Pratt attached to star in along with directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch (John Wick) attached to direct and Doppelgänger Publishing is repped by The Gotham Group and Principal LA, two of the best connected agencies in LA.
So, we know what we’re doing and now we want to help you do the same for your books.
To that end, while all the books Doppelgänger publishes will be creator owned, we will use our industry contacts to try and help “set up your properties” within Hollywood.  In exchange, Doppelgänger will be a producer on any project it sets up based on a book it publishes.
And that’s about it.  Any other questions just contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we take a break from working on our new book.


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