What if you could experience a past life. Not regain a long lost memory or some vague emotion but an actual experience from a previous life. Your previous life. Dormant. Until now. Meet Dr. Jake Penn.
Penn leads a life every academic dreams of until one winter morning when a car accident leaves Jake heartbroken and his wife in a coma, trapped within herself, in what Jake calls a DEEP SOUL. And there she’d stay if it weren’t for Jake’s one simple vow: To bring her back. Any way possible.
And it’s that vow that sends Jake on a journey that makes him a wanted man and puts a target on the one person he discovers might be able to help him reach his wife. Now all Jake has to do is stay alive long enough to bring her back.

Created & Written by: AJ Lieberman
Art by: Tom Rhodes
Published by: Doppelgänger publishing
Paperback:  184 pages
Age Rating: 12+
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